Wings of War - London Squadron

Episode #1

Fight Hitler's secret Nazi super weapons in a massive air battle over the city of London

Wings of War is a challenging top down 360° shooter.
The game depicts an alternate World War II time line mixing reality with fantasy.

You are leader of the famous London Squadron. Britain's best and most capable pilots.
It's up to you and your men to stop the imminent attack coming from across the Canal.
All of London is counting on you and your team!

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Available on Android and Desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Train your Memory, Match cards and Explode bombs!

Remember Last Summer is a summertime themed card matching game with two tiny twists: matching more than 2 cards and blowing up bombs. Nothing mind blowing but I'm sure it can entertain you for a wee bit.

To me the best thing about this game is the awesome music created by my friend Robrecht: Clandestine Monarchy

So give it a try, bring up some good summertime memories and enjoy the music.

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Available on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux and Windows

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